DenseNet API

A simple Artificial Neural Network API for Supervised Learning using Python.

Github :

Collaborators : Taveesh Sharma, Kushagr Arora, Vishal Agrawal

The API currently supports:

1. Activation functions:
  • ReLU
  • Sigmoid
  • Softmax
  • Linear
2. Loss functions:
  • L1 loss
  • L2 loss
  • Cross Entropy
  • SVM loss
3. Optimisers:
  • SGD
  • SGD with momentum

Using the API:

import numpy as np
from DenseNet import DenseNet
from Graph_API import Optimiser

opti = Optimiser(learning_rate=0.09, momentum_eta=0.5)

X_train = # Inputs
Y_train = # One-hot encoded Labels
net = DenseNet(X_train.shape,opti,'cross entropy') # 'l1' for L1 loss, 'l2' for L2 loss, 'svm' for svm

To add a hidden/output layer, simply call addlayer function with activation function and number of neurons.

net.addlayer(activation='relu', units=3)

For output layer, add units same as the number of classes


The train function runs SGD for 1 iteration only. Call it for multiple iterations for training.

iterations = 10000
for i in range(iterations):
  error = net.train(X_train,Y_train)

To make predictions use :

X_test = #test data
predictions = net.predict(X_test)